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  1. S

    Question Sansui AU-111

    For those who have this amp and the original 1965 not the reissue 1999. What do you love about it and what are you pairing with it from speakers to input sources.
  2. S

    Vintage Audio Sansui AU-111 1965 vs modern Amps

    I have this amp and it sounds absolutely phenomenal. I’ve heard amps costing from 1k upto 15k USD and the resolution, clarity, detail on the AU-111 is second to none. Anyone here a fellow owner of the legendary Sansui AU-111 which was by far one of Sansui ‘s best integrated tube designs
  3. akerbe7

    Question Help finding Cartridge and Needle for Sony PS-T22

    Hello, I'm an amateur Hi-Fi enthusiast and I've owned a turntable for the past 5 years. Right now I am using a Sony PS-T22 direct drive turntable. I bought it refurbished with a QLM 30 MK III stylus. I am looking for something that will sound a bit better as I know that my speakers are capable...