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  1. Radosevic

    Focal Chora 826 Buzz tweeter

    Hello, I noticed buzzing sound problem at my new Focal Chora 826 tweeters with new Marantz NR1609 receiver. I heard that when I listened piano tracks on both speakers. I tried to play piano tracks with AirPlay (16bit 44.1kHz), S/PDIF (24bit 192kHz). I tried with Pure Direct mode, but same...
  2. S

    JBL Northridge E60 tweeters are broken, original replacement necessary?

    Hi! I've bought two JBL Northridge E60 towers a few years ago for 50,- euro's alltogether. I realised only later that the tweeters were not producing any sound. A friend of mine had two spare tweeters which we connected and I also have two bookshelf speakers with some more detail, so I was happy...