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  1. KlausVinyl

    Upgrade advice, my setup doesnt wow/move me anymore and cant carry newer music as good.

    Setup upgrade advice. (this was an email to some experts with no response yet) Hi whathifi Community, Im Klaus (started when i was 16 currently 20) from the Netherlands and i am really into records but i feel that my setup is lacking and perhaps failing my nice records to get to that next...
  2. jellypulp

    philips ag9016 Phono or Turntable connecting

    Hello! I bought a philips ag9016 and he has modified Chinch - Cable output. Could I connect it with my Turtable? Or how. could I doo it? Because I saw a lot of Youtube Videos, where People where listening with Turntables. Thanks for the Help and your Time :) Felix
  3. A

    Question Possible Turntable/Speaker Setup?

    So I've been wanting to come up with a setup for my turntable/speaker and other media. I created a little layout of a possible setup so i can have all my media things together, and I was wondering if it's ok to put a central channel speaker underneath a turntable (wood barrier in between; part...