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  1. salmanzulfiqar

    Used Triangle speakers. Are these a good buy?

    Hey guys, saw these triangle comete ex speakers for sale locally at $600. Has anyone ever heard these, are they a good buy at this price?
  2. Exiled Royal

    Triangle AIO Twin USB

    Can anybody tell me if it's possible to attach an SSD to the USB port at the back of the speaker? Currently formatted to NTFS. Or is the speaker only able to read from a USB stick? Cheers.
  3. V

    Question Triangle Borea BR03 vs Martin Logan 35 XTi

    Looking at either a new set of Triangle Borea BR03 on sale for $599 CDN or an open box set of Martin Logan 35 XTI for $1199.99 . I currently have a Yamaha WXA-50 integrated amp and ML Dynamo 1000 sub but will need another one or something different as they are powering my ML Motion 4i with the...