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    Linn Sondek and 2m Bronze

    My Current set up is Michi x3 B&W 705s Linn Sondek with Akito Arm Ortofon 2m bronze Looking for recommendations for a phono preamp (really disapointed in the michi phono stage). Not sold on tubes, but might warm the system up a little. The michi is very neutral. Also looking for advice for...
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    Arm upgrade for Systemdek IIX

    Hi everyone. I've got Systemdek IIX (no mods), currently with a Linn Basik LVX (not plus) arm and AT-VM95E cartridge, running through an Arcam A65+ and Mission 752 speakers. The LVX is getting a little tired and whilst it tracks ok, I fancy upgrading it, as I'd like the option to run an MC...