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    Spendor 2/3

    Hello everyone. I wondered if anyone could kindly help me? My brother in law has kindly given me some Spendor 2/3 speakers and I am looking to get an amp. I have a Pro-Ject Jukebox E turntable but nothing else. I wanted to buy a Yamaha R-N602 however they are no longer made, I particularly...
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    Cambridge Audio CXA81 and Spendor A4

    Hi guys, my sound system is a combination of a CXA81 and Spendor A4. I purchased the set around 1,5 years back and used it almost daily ever since. (For listening to music but also for watching movies with my sound system or playing games.) I am playing my music mainly on Qobuz or if somethings...
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    Question anybody knows spendor s1?

    recently i got Spendor S1 model. But there is no information about it anybody who knows this model?