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  1. I

    DAC to DAC to DAC to DAC??

    Hi there, I'm working on a new system with KEF Reference 5's for L/R and (2) KEF Reference 8b subs. This will also be part of a home theater with the McIntosh MC180 AV processor. I've spec'd out the McIntosh MC462 amp for the L/R channels. I'm planning to use a ROON library hosted on the SGM...
  2. skinnypuppy71

    A decent introduction for folks thinking about getting roon

  3. M

    Innuos Zen - new app vs Roon

    Has anyone compared the new Innuos app (with the server InnuOS 2 upgrade) with Roon? I'm a happy Roon user at the moment and would need a good reason to jump ship.