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  1. heavymetalsheep

    Question Rega Planar 3 or P1 Plus or P1?

    Hello everyone. First post here. I’ve been wanting to upgrade my set-up for awhile now and finally have the means to do it. Came across a used Planar 3 with 230V AC synchronous motor, RB300 arm and Ortofon 2M red for sale at what seems like a decent price ($550). It’s at least 16 years old...
  2. C

    New amp: Yamaha a s301, ONKYO 9010 or Nad c316bee?

    Hi! I'm a Hifi newbie and need some advice on which amplifier to buy for my Rega P1. My eyes are on the yamaha a s301, onkyo 9010 and Nad c316bee. Which one should I buy? Any comparison or recommendation would be appreciated. Speakers are next on my list, but feel free to suggest some if you...