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    Question Possible Turntable/Speaker Setup?

    So I've been wanting to come up with a setup for my turntable/speaker and other media. I created a little layout of a possible setup so i can have all my media things together, and I was wondering if it's ok to put a central channel speaker underneath a turntable (wood barrier in between; part...
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    Anyone replacing CDs with LPs?

    I have just scored an unparalleled success in that I have, at last, after waiting years, bought an original copy of the legendary Bitches Brew by Miles Davis. It's not actually in my hands yet, but I thought I'd pose my question anyway because - I already have Bitches Brew - on CD. I won't...
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    Rega v Project - how do Planar 3/6 differ to X2/Classic Evo?

    I am looking to upgrade a 20-year-old Project 2 turntable with Ortofon 2M Blue, using Marantz PM 6010 OSE amp and Monitor Audio Bronze B2 speakers. I’m torn between either Project X2/Classic Evo and Rega Plannar 3/6 and having thought I’d get a Project, I’m now veering towards the Plannar 6...