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  1. J

    Epson eh-tw6150/6250 thoughts?

    Looking to buy a new projector, and was considering eh-tw7000 or 7100, but have spotted these two new models. Has anyone seen them in action? Worth considering?
  2. Hermanan

    New here!

    Hello everyone, This is Herman, a hi-fi industry insider. I think I am quite knowledgeable about projectors (both long and short throw kinds) and have bought several projectors home already (not including short-throw yet due to way over budget hhhhhhh). Very glad to join this forum and hope to...
  3. Zac.M

    projector recommendations - budget $800

    Hi there, I want to buy a new projector for my apartment with a budget of less than $800. I want it to be high resolution (of course), have good speakers, Chromecast, and a simple OS. I want to project 120 inches and use Netflix, YouTube, Hulu in my daily life. Any recommendations? Thanks:)
  4. C

    The AC adapter for the projector does not work for viewsonic

    Hello all. I am having trouble with the ac adapter in PG706HD. The adapter is plugged in, also the adapter light is on. I can't figure out what the exact problem is.
  5. D

    Question Couple of questions about projector for a 6ft room.

    I have a room which is 6ft wide (wall to wall), with a blank wall which would be great for a projector for casual gaming and a little bit of film watching. Light is easily controlled in the room as I have blackout curtains and blinds. I've never bought a projector before, so this is all new...