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  1. pedro_

    Marantz CD6007 & Powered Speakers

    Hi! I'm interest in buying a Marantz CD6007 disk player. I have some Ruark Audio mr1 mk2 (amplified speakers) already connected to a turntable, so I only have the optical or aux input to connect to the CD player. In this sense: 1. How would you recommend connecting the Marantz CD6007 directly to...
  2. S

    Small compact desk speakers for high res audio?

    Hi, I wonder if you know about good powered speakers, eventually with DAC, compact like the Ruark mr1 mk2… In my living room I am super happy with the Q Acoustics M20, so I wonder if I can buy good quality ones like them for my desk (need to be smaller…) with a similar price. The Ref LSX are a...
  3. P


    I have an Audio technica turntable with line outs and an earth lead. The system works with powered speakers (Azatom equinox) but there is no where to connect the earth lead to the speakers. How to do I get rid of the humming when activating the turntable with stylus arm? Can I earth another way...
  4. N

    Question Active Speakers with Built In Phono

    Hello, I just purchased the Pro-Ject T1 white turntable. It’s my first one. I’m looking for active speakers with an in-built phono stage, so that I don’t require any more components. Do you know of any speakers like this? Ideally in white and reasonably priced? Thank you!