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  1. Spiderpigg

    Picking a budget amp

    Hello all, I am picking a budget-friendly amp and I would like to know your opinions. Here are some candidates at the moment: - NAD C328 (used, 350 €) - Marantz PM6005 (used, 300 €) - Yamaha S-A301 (new, 400 €) - Older amp like Sony TA-F 530 ES (used, about 150-200 €) The system will be used...
  2. M

    Marantz PM6006 floorstanding speakers

    Hi all, This is my first post - please excuse me in advance for inappropriate/silly questions! I've just owned a Marantz PM6006 which is driving a pair of Cambridge Audio S20 bookshelf speakers. Main sources: rega p1 TT, Marantz NA6005 and Tidal. Well, I'd really love to have a step further and...