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  1. H

    Linn Sondek and 2m Bronze

    My Current set up is Michi x3 B&W 705s Linn Sondek with Akito Arm Ortofon 2m bronze Looking for recommendations for a phono preamp (really disapointed in the michi phono stage). Not sold on tubes, but might warm the system up a little. The michi is very neutral. Also looking for advice for...
  2. jellypulp

    philips ag9016 Phono or Turntable connecting

    Hello! I bought a philips ag9016 and he has modified Chinch - Cable output. Could I connect it with my Turtable? Or how. could I doo it? Because I saw a lot of Youtube Videos, where People where listening with Turntables. Thanks for the Help and your Time :) Felix
  3. montanasan

    Question Rega Fono MM Mk3 VS Moon 110LP v2

    Hi there, Rega Fono MM Mk3 VS Moon 110LP v2 Has anyone had the luxury of being able to compare these two preamps side by side? Would love to hear your thoughts. In theory, as it's the same company, would the Rega be a better fit with my P1? (FYI - my amp is Cambridge Audio CXA-81). Thanks in...
  4. B

    Seeking upgrade advice

    Currently I have a Schiit Mani phono stage in my system that I would like to upgrade because of its (to me) terrible noise floor. I also have a Topping D10 DAC that perhaps could be replaced as well. I have actually never heard a more expensive DAC and so don't know what I'm missing, I suppose...
  5. montanasan

    Moon 110LP vs Rega Fono MM Mk3

    Hi there, First post so go easy... I've be lucky to have been sent a couple of phono preamps to try out and was wondering where to start? I don't have a big fancy set up - Rega P1(factory fitted MM cart), Trio KA-4002A from the 70's (which I love) and QED 3020i speakers. Anyone been using...