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  1. jimjamz

    Moving original speakers to upgraded home theatre system

    Hello, I'm new to the forums (and to audio cable modding as you'll find out!). I've owned a Philips LX3000D home theatre system for over 20 years, including the original 5.1 speaker and subwoofer setup. The LX3000D unit has been plagued with audio issues over the past couple of years, and I've...
  2. angelmf2704

    SHP9500 vs Sennheiser HD559

    Hello, I'm would like to buy a new pair of headphones. My actual headphones are the Sony's WH-1000XM3. I only use them for travelling or noisy environments. Recently I bought the Audio Technica M20X to try a different sound signature. I didn't enjoyed the sound a lot if I'm honest. Since they...