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    Old or New

    Hi, I bought a second hand Technics SL-Q2 turntable with a Ortofon VMS 20E MkII cartridge a couple of years back, previous owner had it from new, I use it with my equally old Pioneer A656 Mk 2 amplifier. All been good although I'm far from an expert. As I've started collecting lots more brand...
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    Ortfon Quintet Bronze and Preamp

    Ortfon recommends > 20ohms for the load impedance on its quintet series. My phono Preamp only has impedance input settings for 10 and then 100. Really not sure which route to go? Also the gain setting is up to the highest it can go, is that effecting my sound? Ive played around with it, but not...
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    Linn Sondek and 2m Bronze

    My Current set up is Michi x3 B&W 705s Linn Sondek with Akito Arm Ortofon 2m bronze Looking for recommendations for a phono preamp (really disapointed in the michi phono stage). Not sold on tubes, but might warm the system up a little. The michi is very neutral. Also looking for advice for...
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    Rega v Pro-Ject TT & Elys v Ortofon Cartridge

    I am looking to upgrade my Project 2 with Ortofon 2M Blue. It has been a terrific servant for two decades but it has developed a couple of issues and I'm thinking it might be better to invest in a new turntable than buy parts/pay for repairs. I have been doing some research but wondered if...