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  1. giocap

    Mysteries of the newbie hifi lover

    Greetings audiophiles, I have questions and a tale of woe and despair. Dunno if a good samaritan is willing to answer. I decided to get the hifi sickness in2021 .I'm a music lover and i was tired of listening to music on 100€ devices (for all americans 1€=1$ nowadays) Magnat supreme 202 (220€...
  2. Marcos Bathroom

    Question What speaker series and product is this a part from?

    I need some help in identifying the make and model of this unorthodox empty speaker cast that I acquired many years ago at work. I used to work for a Refinish coatings company and this was sent as a sample to match for colour. It came in a B&W spare parts box and has the reference 6160-1 or...
  3. Pikajuice

    Help me identify these headphones?

    I recently came up these beyerdynamic partially open (I think?) headphones and have been having trouble figuring out exactly what model they are. They have a toggle for each driver with four positions from closed to open. These seem to most profoundly affect the bass range. There isn't any...