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macbook pro

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  1. M

    Macbook pro 13 2011 LCD

    Hi everyone, I have Macbook pro 13 2011 I broke the LCD but apple doesn't support this model any more I found local online company where they offer to fix the laptop for me and after they fix it they give me back the old part but wasn't apple it was LG brand when I went back to them I said this...
  2. coopa33

    Connection from Macbook to Marantz Pm6005

    Hi, I'm new to this forum so bear with me.. I want to connect my macbook Pro 2018 to my Marantz PM6005 which has a DAC built into it. What would be the best way to do that? The DAC in the Marantz only has Coaxial and Optical Input. I was told that my version of the Macbook no longer supports...
  3. O

    MacBook Pro Boot Issue

    So, I do a little Mac support but have not seen this before. It starts to boot then black lettering appears before rebooting. Goes by too quick for me to catch it so I took a pic. It's a MacBook Pro 6.2 EDIT: I did try Disk Utility First Aid, but it didn't help. I suspect a bad HDD.