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  1. Z

    KEF LS50 Meta AMP

    Hello, another thread with well known title but help me please, because as a newcomer to hifi world, I became exhausted roaming internet, reading many reviews as they leave me confused.. Long story short I'm planning to buy LS50 Metas for my living room and use them for listening to music...
  2. Snidely Whiplash

    KEF LS50 Meta - which of these amps?

    Hi all! first time poster here. I purchased a pair of KEF LS 50 Meta speakers and I have 3 amp choices. I may end up buying one if none of these are suitable. Yamaha A-S301 - 30 watts per channel Denon AVR2112C1 90 watts per channel A 1982 Denon PMA-770 Integrated Amp (reconditioned) - 100...