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  1. Azulan

    Newbie hobbyist with trouble.

    Hello Everyone! I bought my first turntable a couple years ago because i already collected vinyl as art and wanted to listen to them later. now i'm getting more serious with good sound quality and bought myself a Sansui qrx-3000 reciever. it looks absolutely stunning and sounds a lot better...
  2. P

    Looking for some good cheap options for 2nd hand subwoofers.

    Recently been getting some better audio equipment, picked up some DT770 pro headphones as an upgrade along with a good amp, needless to say i dont want to wear heaphones all the time, even though they sound really good. Grabbed some 2nd hand kurzweil KS-40A studio monitors for cheap and they're...
  3. MrPenkwin

    Question Is it worth the upgrade/What?

    I've tried my best to keep this to the point despite having a few queries, any help will be much appreciated, thanks in advance.(y) For stereo listening my current setup doesn't quite give me the enjoyment I would like. I quite honestly don't understand why Audiolab were so highly rated, either...
  4. H

    Integrated Amplifiers with DRC?

    Hi I have a simple two speaker setup (trusty B&W 601 S2's) powered by a NAD D3020 V1. Yes a bit old, as is my knowledge of hi-fi in general! I have it attached to my TV and everything is fine apart from a lack of dynamic range control (or DRC). Sometimes it would be great to be enable DRC when...
  5. G

    Is upgrading Hi-Fi equipment a dance of diminishing returns?

    I was not sure which section of the Forum to post this topic on but here goes.... Is upgrading Hi-Fi equipment a dance of diminishing returns? By this I mean to realize a better sound, for say your vinyl then a decent amp and speakers are vital, but then there's the room; is it configured for...
  6. G

    Hi-Fi Newb Seeking Advice On Amp-Speaker Combination & Connections

    Hi, first off my thanks to What Hi Fi forum Admin for accepting my request to join the community here. I'm thinking about buying a Rega io stereo amplifier and pondering on a few things. If anyone can help that would be great. The speakers I'm drawn towards are Q Acoustics, but I'm unsure...
  7. F

    Matching entry level speakers with amplifier and a cheap turntable?

    Hello friends, I have decided to spend somewhere near 800€ and I have done some reasearch, Here is what I have come up with: Denon PMA-600NE Amplifier 400$ Pro-Ject Audio Primary E 230$ Dali Spektor 2 210$ I am not aware (since this is my first audio setup) if my amp is a good match for my...
  8. MrPenkwin


    Hello, I can't seem to find a specific thread for furniture, but I wanted an idea of what works for you. I've had a 4 tier rack for some time now, but as my system has grown, I've now run out of space. To keep costs down I'm after a used long TV unit to put my kit on, but it appears to be...
  9. alextsak

    I need advice

    I have 2 of these crossovers: https://www.skroutz.gr/s/18324527/SEC-101-Crossover.html What are some good woofers/tweeters or whatever for a nice and loud stereo setup?