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  1. TosicBob

    Question Advice for Headphones

    Goodmorning everyone! I would like to buy headphones and a dac / amp (if needed) for a total budget of € 300, maximum € 350. I would use them mainly for playing games and listening to music. Both open and closed back are fine, as long as they are comfortable, especially with glasses. I tried the...
  2. Revan11

    Question Which open back headphones should I look into?

    I have never owned a set of open back headphones. For the last couple of years I have been using a set of Audio Technica ATH-M50X and am looking to get a set of replacements soon. I will be doing a mixture of music listening (EDM & Rock) and lots of gaming & have heard open back's are very good...
  3. B

    32" Gaming TV

    Hello, 1st off to be clear, the TV's and any suggestions must be 32". Im looking at Samsungs The Frame 2020 for PS4 for my son. Ive been reading about VRR and frame rates etc. Im aware The Frame doesnt have VRR on 32" however I dont have a bigger option. Can anyone suggest some great 32" TVs...
  4. SirBlacklist

    (Gaming/Music) Current: Focal Listen - Want to upgrade

    Hello! First-time poster but I've read through this forum a ton and decided my case is a bit different then what a lot of others posted or needed suggestions for. USE: Gaming/Music Gaming FPS Immersive Titles MMO's Music (all over the place but currently listening to;) Rush Tool The...