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  1. G

    Focal Dome speakers discontinued?

    Hey guys, I bought from a store a surround system with 3 front speakers, 2 surround speaker, 1 subwoofer, 1 receiver and 2 ambient speaker for the adjacent room. What I paid for were 3 focal dome as the tweeter and front L R speakers but the store just told me they discontinued this speaker and...
  2. D

    High pitched noise with Focal XS Book

    I haven't used my speakers for a year and when I turned them on again I got this high-pitched noise, irregardless of the volume. Sample here: Any idea what's wrong and can it be fixed? It's quiet annoying and I can't really even listen to the TV with this...
  3. J

    Question Advice needed: Focal 926 vs 948 in 26sqm

    Hello! I need your advice. This might be very specific but I’ll give it a shot. I am thinking of buying either a pair of Focal Aria 926 (€2000 offer brand new ) or 948 (€3800), but I don’t know which one will be best for our room. The room is 26sqm with 3.2m height. Also, the room has no door...
  4. T

    Strange Sound on my 5.1 Focal Dome sound system, please help !

    Hello there I am having trouble with my sound playing DVDs and Bluerays and recently even on my CD My HIFI setup is: Player: DENON Network DBP 1611UD Amp: Marantz NR1602 amplifier / receiver Speakers: Focal Dome 5.1 red The sound is amazing, everything works perfect apart from when I...
  5. Svinhugg

    Current Headphone + DAC equipment

    Focal Clear MG Professional & RME ADI-2 DAC FS
  6. Radosevic

    Focal Chora 826 Buzz tweeter

    Hello, I noticed buzzing sound problem at my new Focal Chora 826 tweeters with new Marantz NR1609 receiver. I heard that when I listened piano tracks on both speakers. I tried to play piano tracks with AirPlay (16bit 44.1kHz), S/PDIF (24bit 192kHz). I tried with Pure Direct mode, but same...