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  1. Aasbakk

    Review DAC comparison. Cheap vs expensive (14 test tracks)

    Comparing HifiBerry DAC and Bel Canto DAC I decided to do this comparison during a -30° celcius weekend. Sitting in sweet spot, looking at the warm tubes in my amplifier, and listening to music was my best idea of spending the weekend This is not a technical comparison, just my listening...
  2. yz543887

    Question looking for suggestions :)

    Hi everyone, I’m based in Australia and I’m looking to purchase some speakers for my 3.3x6.9 (m) room, the height of the room is normal and there are two extra connected small rooms that I’d like to fill also with audio if possible, so total dimensions would be something like 5.1x6.9, however...
  3. S

    Castle Howard S3 vs Castle Knight 5

    Hey folks, I'm moving to a new flat and time to build a new hifi setup. I'm currently eyeing up a pair of second hand: Castle Howard S3 (~$700) and Castle Knight 5 (~$550) Both sets appear to be in good condition, but I haven't been able to hear either (yet). I enjoy listening to bassy...