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    Amp for Wharfedale Diamond 12.2

    Hello there all! I am planning to buy a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 12.2 speakers, and now I'm thinking about an amp to pair with them. I mostly listen to progressive and classic rock. Phono and digital inputs are welcome, but I'm willing to buy a dac or a preamp later on, so neither of those are...
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    Help buying Cambridge cxa81 amp with speakers

    I am looking to buy a Cambridge Audio cxa81 amplifier and Kef R3 speakers I am a simple plug and play petsonas I unfortunately do not understand technology very well. I have a Cambridge CXN streamer and I mostly use my iPhone to stream from Spotify. I listen to a wide range of music pop to...
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    Monitor Silver 500 Amplifier Recommendation

    Hi, I have just installed new Silver 500s (gorgeous in black oak) and hooked them up to an old Linn Classik, which is specified at 75 w p/c at 4 ohms. I have been told this is likely underpowered because the Silver 500s are specified at 80-200 at 8 ohms. also worth noting that I am having to...