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  1. O

    Best budget amp under £100?

    Firstly, thank you for your help in advance! I am trying to find the best budget amp, under £100, to power my Mission M30 bookshelf speakers. Inputs will be a Pro-Ject Elemental turntable and a line input from a Hifiberry Dac2 Pro. I have been looking at Cambridge Audio Integrated Amplifiers...
  2. fodioconello

    Question Super Budget Active Speaker

    Hello Guys, I know it could be painful for you but I need advice on a pair of desktop active speaker. Actualy I'm watching at this two guys here: Mackie CR3-XBT Edifier R33-BT (I already got a pair of higher-end edifier) As you can see dimensions count, but Bluetooth is not a strict...
  3. Coauctor

    First system plan help request ($1200 - $1500)

    Hey guys, hope to get your recommendations on the first system setup. Thanks a lot to everyone who's willing to get through this post! So, I'm trying to define the components for my first system for $1200 - $1500. In short, my request goes like this: I spent some time in the world of music...
  4. M

    Question Budget Cd player upgrade

    Hi, Need to upgrade my CD player - current one isn't worth mentioning. I listen to CDs quite a lot and would like something semi-decent without it being a 30-year old relic. My current amp is a Rotel RA-931 with B&W DM601 S2 bookshelf speakers. My budget is about £100-120 so am looking at USED...
  5. E

    Question Suggestions

    Hello! First of all, I'd like to congratulate for this website and forum, I'm getting lots of useful info from them. Of course, this is the umpteenth request for an advice. What a surprise, uh? Please let me give you a little background. I was (actually, still am) the happy owner of a JVC...