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  1. P

    Looking for some good cheap options for 2nd hand subwoofers.

    Recently been getting some better audio equipment, picked up some DT770 pro headphones as an upgrade along with a good amp, needless to say i dont want to wear heaphones all the time, even though they sound really good. Grabbed some 2nd hand kurzweil KS-40A studio monitors for cheap and they're...
  2. J

    Used sub that fits my needs?

    Hello all! I'm new here and I'm curious if anyone has suggestions for a subwoofer that would fit my situation. Ideally I'd rather get something used, perhaps an old model, that I could pick up locally, ie Belgium or Netherlands. I am currently running Focal Aria 906 speakers with an Arcam A18...
  3. danobo

    Setup, positioning and gear advice - PMC TB2, Sony STR-DN1080, Flying Mole DAD M100s, etc

    We’re (hopefully) moving next month, and I’m wondering whether to revisit, and how to position, my current living room hi-fi / home cinema speaker setup, since the new room is much bigger. Ideally I’d not buy (any/much!) more kit, but trying to keep an open mind. Suggestions on speaker...
  4. KasterUK

    Budget Powered Subwoofer Recommendations

    This year I purchased the Denon RCD-M41DAB micro-system, which I can highly recommend for anyone working to a budget. However, Denon do not make a subwoofer to pair with it. Any recommendations for a decent one that won't break the bank? The subwoofer must be powered. Thanks in advance. KasterUK