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  1. dragontattoo2020

    Question Buying my first Hi-Fi system - please help me decide from a shortlist.

    Hi There, My first post in the forums. For many years, I had been thinking of getting a decent Hi-Fi setup - and by decent I don't mean really high end audiophile grade stuff, but something that sounds better than my MacBook hooked up to my Bose QC 35II or AirPods or my Logitec external...
  2. Jackrit87

    Sonos connect:amp with b&w 606s?

    I've just purchased a pair of b&w 606s and I've found a Sonos connect:amp in my local area for £150 would this be a good pairing? I plan on adding the Sonos sub later down the line. If this wouldn't work could anyone recommend a amp under £500. Any help much appreciated thank you:)