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3D Audio Industry Industry Analysis, By Component (Hardware (Loudspeakers, Headphones, Microphones/Mic, Sound Bars and Others (Power Amp, etc.), Software and Services), By End-use (Residential and Commercial) and Regional Forecast, 2019-2026
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I have the new Rega io amp with 30 watts per channel. Use on my desktop w/ kef q100s. I can detect no hum or static when playing at soft or loud volumes. If using a turntable, make sure the ground wire is connected with the left and right channel plugs (into the amp). I picked up amp from Pennsylvania, USA store. Good luck!
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Thank you!
I've pretty much settled on Rega... based on what I've read, Rega amps seem to have the attributes that appeal to me in music reproduction (good rhythm and timing with a bit of warmth )... the IO and Brio appear to be fantastic value for money.
Currently racking my brain over which speaker to choose.)
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Pink Triangle PT01/Rega RB300 AO upgraded/Rega Elys 2 all assembled & Serviced by Peter @ #Cymbiosis
Naim 200/202/Stageline/TeddyPardo TeddyCap
March audio DAC1/Chord Company interconnect/Intel i7 NUC Roon server
Kudos X3's/Kudos KS1 Cables
Titan STYX Mains cables
My current DAC setup is nice but it would be good to have a dedicated headphone amp.
I sent off for mini-xlr jacks months ago now, I was charged for it but haven't seen them come my way at all. No shipping notification, nada! I might be able to track it down through paypal history but it seems a lost cause now.
I am into electrostatic speakers and associated audio equipment . Of late I have been working on speaker system for desktop and lap top music system .
I can't get a profile paragraph worth reading in 420 characters, so I give up. I'm a New England audiophile going way back and happy to be among you.
Rejuvenated hifi listener to most genres. Inheritor of Arcam delta 60 amp, Denon DCD620 CD, Linn Sondek IIX, plus even older Kef Coda 7 shelf speakers, Rogers LS2 shelf sp. Recently added Ifi Zen Blue Bluetooth DAC, which is superb
Hello friends I'm new here in this forum. I came through the blog post of the Whathifi official site. That was an interesting blog post on Sceptre TV. I hope I will gain some latest info here in this community.

Regards: Zeeshan Mehmood
After doing some reading, I've arrived at the conclusion that the Beyerdynamic DT770 and DT990 are identical except for the can housing itself. Looking around online I noticed the parts were interchangeable and specs exact same.
I'm ordering DT 990 parts to fix my broken DT 770's.
BD's spare parts are gone, ordered a hifiman sundara. So far, not regretting it.
I am seeking advice on the replacement of the Tuner of my Yamaha system with a basic Internet Radio unit which would give me Internet/DAB+/FM inputs to my Amp. Any advice would be welcome please.
Can anyone recommend a wireless speaker, we have looked at the Sonos 1 and audio pro add on c10 but the reviews are mixed . I’m looking at using it for apple music
Hi, I am a tech enthusiast living in Canada. Writes articles related technology, you can find my blogs at Google's Pixel.
For Example: In a very personal relationship with Google on Monday, August 3, three new Pixel phones hit the market, after the 2020 flagship. Google’s new Pixel 4A and 4A 5G are packed into Google.
I'm seventy seven! yep, that's right! Have a background of being in a band in the very early sixties in the UK. Love all kinds of music especially featuring good guitar work. My favourite band at the moment is Dirty Loops. If you're not familiar with them, check them out. They are amazing musos.
Like jazz funk, especially when it features Cory Henry on the keys. Snarky Puppy really good.
Main system: Sony CDP-950 CD player (Philips TDA-1541 DAC); Onkyo T-401 tuner; Rotel RSP-960AX preamp; Adcom GFA-600 power amp; Martin-Logan Aerius electrostatic hybrid loudspeakers, bi-wired.
Garage system: Sony CDP-490 CD player (B-B PCM56P dual DACs); Yamaha KX-330 tape deck; Technics SA-AX7 receiver; Mission 760i speakers; ProLinear PLSUB8MKII subwoofer.
Oppo BDP-103, TAG McLarenAV32R, Tag Mc Laren 700:7r, Pioneer A500 TV, Celestion A-series surround 5.1 speakers ; KEF Q400b sub