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Hi, I am a tech enthusiast living in Canada. Writes articles related technology, you can find my blogs at Google's Pixel.
For Example: In a very personal relationship with Google on Monday, August 3, three new Pixel phones hit the market, after the 2020 flagship. Google’s new Pixel 4A and 4A 5G are packed into Google.
I'm seventy seven! yep, that's right! Have a background of being in a band in the very early sixties in the UK. Love all kinds of music especially featuring good guitar work. My favourite band at the moment is Dirty Loops. If you're not familiar with them, check them out. They are amazing musos.
Like jazz funk, especially when it features Cory Henry on the keys. Snarky Puppy really good.
Main system: Sony CDP-950 CD player (Philips TDA-1541 DAC); Onkyo T-401 tuner; Rotel RSP-960AX preamp; Adcom GFA-600 power amp; Martin-Logan Aerius electrostatic hybrid loudspeakers, bi-wired.
Garage system: Sony CDP-490 CD player (B-B PCM56P dual DACs); Yamaha KX-330 tape deck; Technics SA-AX7 receiver; Mission 760i speakers; ProLinear PLSUB8MKII subwoofer.
Oppo BDP-103, TAG McLarenAV32R, Tag Mc Laren 700:7r, Pioneer A500 TV, Celestion A-series surround 5.1 speakers ; KEF Q400b sub
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eMMC vs SSD -Which One Is Best!!!
eMMC vs SSD : eMMC cards have a medium price and a medium performance level between HDD and SSD. The small size and lower price of eMMCs make them well suited for mid-range laptops, smaller consumer devices, and of course small sensors and control devices.
Main System
Rega planar 1 At VM95E
Marantz NR1200
Focal 714s
Rega Fono mini
Synology Nas
Tidal hifi subscription
Huawei P30 pro
Loads of personal hifi
Daps, Bluetooth headphones, wireless earbuds, headphone dacs etc
TV is an afterthought, its a 42 inch thing.
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My Home Cinema
Sony HW40ES, Draper Sesame with ReAct 2.1, Panasonic 50VT65, Denon AVR-X6400, MA WT280-IDC (fronts and centre), WT265 (side and rear surrounds), CT265 (Dolby Atmos), KK DXD-808, Oppo 103D, Sky Q 2TB, Fire TV, Logitech Harmony Elite
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