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Audio....Roksan Oxygene AMP and CDP, PMC 20/24's, CA CXN v1, Audiolab MDAC, Sonos Connect, Sennheiser HD 650's; lots of Sonos's around the house. TV setup ....LG 65" OLED, Sky Q, Nvidia Shield, DenonAVR-X3400H, Bose 5.1 speakers, ipads, & NAS drives aplenty...
Hello folks, I'm looking for a bit of info. I've recently acquired a pioneer sc lx87(-S). Now I might be daft as a brush here but I'm wondering as I'm trying to get some info on it. All references to this item online do not include the "S", but are also in black, whereas mine's in silver, so does then s just stand for silver or are they slightly different models.
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My System -
Nova Fidelity x12 500GB SSD Storage/Streamer.
Chord Qutest DAC.
Naim Nait XS2 Integrated.
Acoustic Energy AE509 Floorstanders.

Cables -
Chord Signature Digital Coaxial Cable.
Chord Epic Analogue RCA Interconnects.
QED Genesis Silver Spiral Loudspeaker Cables.
McRU Lapp Cable - Silver Plated 6 Way Mains Block
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Making My return to the (what I call the audiophile stage) One by reliving my younger days with vintage equipment.
Of course the best I can afford and the music that brings the memories that I miss but relish so MUCH!
Hi everyone, it's great to be here , looking forward to some interesting topics and discussions about out systems and music choices too .