Zeppelin Vs Seperates???


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Hi All,

Now this may seem obvious but how good is the B&W Zeppelin compared to an amp and speakers for the same kind of money??

Can someone shed some light on what the Zeppelin can be compared to in terms of 'proper Hi Fi' as I have not heard it yet. It does look really nice but I would rather buy seperates for the same money if the sound quality is gonna be better.

I would expect a better sound from budget seperates........what do you think??

Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
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I spent some time playing with the Zeppelin over the Christmas holidays, and it's undoubtedly very, very good for a one-box docking system, with a real scale and weight to its sound.

However, you're right, a separates system will ultimately deliver even better sound quality, although of course it depends what you're using as your source component. A good CD player/amp/speaker combo will sound better than an iPod/Zeppelin.


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Cheers Guys,

I expected that answer. Thought I would just confirm my suspicions!

Just to clarify though, I was going to use the ipod as the source for the system. So an ipod connected to an amp and speakers (decent of course) would sound better than the Zeppelin?