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Jul 20, 2012
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Gesualdo "First Book of Madrigals" - Les Arts Florissants, Paul Agnew, Harmonia Mundi

A real test of your hifi. If it can present 16th century polyphony in a believable form then you have a good hifi. Do the voices present clearly and separately? When you close your eyes can you imagine you are sitting in a church or a concert hall with the singers in front of you?

I'll listen to the Second Book tomorrow. :)


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Jul 22, 2023
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I can't say enough about this song and the lumineers themselves.
They are simply excellent and it's gone from one album to owning all, but this one song is hair on the back of the neck stuff to me especially up loud.

I've just hooked up a pair of QA 3050i to my other more vintage second hifi with one of my favourites the pioneer a400 and the just as old Marantz and liked cd52 mk2 it contains after recently replacing the QA's with the fyne audio 502s.

I swapped over the QA'S over from mys main set after the mission mx3s I had with the pioneer and Yamaha blew after 9yrs and it's simply excellent.

I decided on this track to see how the combo sounds and predictably the unmolested a400 etc is excellent.

It's not toe tapping good it's volume riding good, I keep moving it up a little as it progresses.

I will try not to blow these ones up and have them going the same way as the old missions but with "dead sea" being on next I might hit 6 🙂

I never get sick of the lumineers.



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