Your hi-fi system's sound is being ruined and you don't even know it


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hi, plz send me the names of the equipment displayed in the 1st pic from (Image credit: Future) from the story
Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately the editorial staff don’t reply on the forum, so rather than disappoint you, I might be able to name some of the kit. When you read the magazine you’ll get to know what their reference components are.

The very tall pair of speakers are PMC Fenestria. The speaker with its back to us is an ATC SCM50. The silver power amp might be the Burmester used as a reference, and that might be the corresponding preamp on the table. Does that help?


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May 11, 2023
What a load of utter nonsense. All that's needed is a good, solid, stable surface, not some fancy device intended to swell the coffers of equipment manufacturers. In 50 years of listening to hi-fi, I've been through the whole stands/supports/cables thing and have come out the other side, poorer, but wiser. So, they are not, repeat NOT, repeat NOT essential.
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Jul 27, 2007
Pre and power amps benefit from different supports and the material used alters the sound?

I can get on board with mechanical components benefitting from better supports (especially speakers) but that is just nonsense!

It makes a mockery of an otherwise good publication. You don't review HDMI cables any more because that was nonsense, so please keep some credibility and publish verifiable statements.

I would challenge anyone to tell me they could hear a difference in sound with a pre-amp on a wooden support versus a glass support. 🙂
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