Your advice on my shortlist please...


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Aug 10, 2019
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Looking to upgrade current hi-fi system, with a move into basic home cinema. Current system: Squeezebox 3, Rega Planet CD, Creek 4240 amp, Chario Syntar 100 Speakers, Digifusion PVR, Somy Bravia LCD TV and a £20 DVD player! As you may be able to tell I am a fan of a "warm" sound. Oh, and a Wii games console.

My main requirements are:

* More interested in music quality than cinema

* I am OK with a 2.1 system. Music is first, and I don't have space for all those speakers!

* Looking for an all-in-one system to replace amp/CD/DVD - looks and size (small) are important

* Would like to keep my Chario speakers

* No specific budget - looking at around

So my short-list is:

Nad L54 / Audica AVS-1/ Onkyo DR-S501 (part of LS-V501 system)

Before I arrange auditions, any thoughts? My specific queries are:

* Is it acceptable / best practice to use hi-fi speakers with a 2.1 dvd receiver type system? Or should I replace the speakers as well with specialist AV ones (or buy them in a package with speakers)

* Should I expect music audio quality to match or exceed my current syste,

* Should I wait for the new Nad Viso 2? Although that looks like it will be expensive (but not as much as an Arcam Solo 2.1!)

* Any auditioning strategies? I can't find a dealer that stocks all three brands so I am worried it is going to be difficult to compare them.

Your advice and comments gratefully received!


No problem. I got them from Leicester - it was called something different then (can't remember what) but the shop is now called Cymbiosis. They were not what I went in for, but they suggested I listen and I fell for them big time! Have not seen Chario around in the UK recently, but an Italian friend told me they are still going there.