Yamaha sound advice for a caravan


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Feb 5, 2008
OK, OK... I don't want to set this up in a caravan but it's just after someone's comments on the new Marantz sound bar being the size of a caravan!!!

I'm interested in the Yamaha Sound Projector range as a good virtual surround sound option. I already have a Philips 32PFL9632D, Samsung HD870 and a Wii. Basically I want to set up a nice little sound option for our small room (sofa right against the wall so no space for 5.1...boo).

Can anyone explain what the difference between the old YSP900 and the newer YSP30D? I'm guessing the main functionality is the same but the 30D gives you the option to hook up SKY HD or a blu-ray player so you can output sound via the newer HDMI connection. Is that the case or are they any other features which justify spending the extra £300 plus?


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