yamaha rx v667 eltax atomic Subwoofer cut out problem.


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Aug 10, 2019
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hey, good people.

i've had my 667 since june and have found it to be supremely fantastic! i love everything about it and i highly recommend this piece of kit. but since roughly oct, i've noticed a lfe or a lack of lfe from the sub. it sporadicaly cuts out when playing sky tv through an optical lead and through hdmi whilst playing mp3's on a ps3. cuts out when playing wwe 12, too.

i've sent it to richersounds bristol were they extensively tested it for four days straight and while they were not with it 24 hours a day, they were in the vacinity of the room to notice the bass cut out and basically they found nothing. it seems it works fine and i wasted 40 pounds. got it home and it cut out again.

when it cuts out, the subwoofer makes a popping noise not unlike the noise it makes when it switches itself off when no lfe is detected. a popping sound with a slight scratch like eletric interference. when it has cut out, turning the vol from say -38 to -20db will make it kick in but this unacceptable. i know the 667 requires more volume than most, but i see this as a plus as it has a broader volume scope than most amps.

i've messed around with the crossover hz and the sub level on the sub and the settings in the speaker setup. someone suggested to me it could be too high and it's cutting out because it can't handle it.

any thoughts or suggestions would be epic, guys. failing this, richer sounds said they would take a look at the sub and receiver for me but it means unplugging everything and giving it to them overnight and want to avoid it if possible. failing that, i reckon i'll have to bite the bullet and pick up say the black cambridge audio sub for 99 on richersounds webpage.


It sounds like the sub. Being able to listen at lowish volume levels seems to be a problem for some subs. I helped someone modify their HK sub with the same problem, all it took was one resistor but we had the circuits so it wasn't too difficult.


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Oct 29, 2008
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What level have you got the LFE set to in the amp and what level is the sub set to?

If it's turning off because it's not detecting a LFE signal, have you tried turning the level up in the amp and turning the sub down to compensate?


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