Yamaha RX-V3800 Vs Yamaha Rx-V673


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Aug 10, 2019

I am new to the Forum and I am really after a bit of advice?

Basically I currently have a Yamaha RX-V3800 AV amp, that I am potentially thinking of replacing with a new Yamaha RX-V763(which I believe was voted best mid range amp 2012) and then selling the old.

My questions really are:

1) Similar

Has anyone done anything similar and with what results?

2) Time moves on

Tech wise whilst at the time and even now the RX-V3800 is not a bad amp and possibly pound for pound better than the RX-V763, but with time, yesterdays good becomes todays average - so technically and sound wise is the RX-V763 a better amp now and should I notice a difference?

3) hdmi

Whilst most of my kit is all hdmi, will this also potentially be the case with 4K for example, so should maybe I just sit tight with what I have?

4) Any Yamaha experts

Comments please

5) Are there any other better or other options I should be looking at and why?

Plugged into this are:

KEF Speakers 5.1, PS3, old DVD player, xbox, Virgin cable and panasonic plasma.

Mostly watch films and cable

Hopefully thanks



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Aug 18, 2012
That would be a big mistake :shame: The RX-V3800 is close to the current RX-A2020 performance wise and no new features would make up for the inferior detail, muscle and grip which you would definitely notice and most likely miss. You should be able to get a RX-A2010 for around £700 or even less if you don't mind going down the second-hand route. Failing that and assuming that you're interested on the 4k upscaling feature you can pick a Denon AVR-3313 for around the same as well. Either will be a better option than the 773.


Thanks......funny enough after sticking this post up, I rang Yamaha and had a similar conversation and afterwards decided to stick with what I have.

the guy there made similar comments to yours.


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