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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi All

I’ll try and keep this brief.

Today I purchased a Yamaha rxv371 av receiver, monitor audio bronze bx2 speakers and a Samsung ue40D5520 tv.

At the moment my speakers are working fine with the av receiver (on radio), but I cannot seem to get my tv to send sound to my av receiver (from hdmi cable connected via hdmi out to hdmi1/dvi) to play out my speakers.

I’ve also got my aerial cable plugged into the back of my av receiver which my tv doesn’t seem to recognise (no signal) so I can’t even watch freeview.

Saying this, the settings on the tv and av receiver seem to be in sync as they both recognise each other.

As you can probably tell I’m a bit of beginner so I’m hoping it something quite obvious.

Any ideas?

Many Thanks


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Apr 7, 2010
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laserman16 said:
laserman16 said:
Does the TV support ARC?

Or for that matter the amp, because both need to support it to get audio from the TV to the amp via HDMI.

The amp certainly has support for an Audio Return Channel, i dont beleive the tv has & if it does it would normally be on HDMI 1.

Therefore you will have to use the Optical Out of the tv connected to one of the 2 Optical In connections on the back of the amp, to hear the sound from it playing Freeview, Freeview HD or something played plugged in to the side of the tv on the usb through your speakers.

HDMI from sources such as a Blu-ray player to the amp & then HDMI to the tv should play fine on the external speakers, negating the need of ARC as it will be going through the amp 1st.



Hi all and OP

First post :)

I have the same amp and the 46" version of the TV and can confirm, having asked Samsung, that the 5 series do NOT support ARC. The amp itself does but in this combo needs an optical connection to route broadcast audio through the amp, as f1only has suggested.

I know there's cables and there's cables but I've ordered a £5 Fisual one off Amazon which I think will suit my kit fine.


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