Yamaha 675 or Marantz SR7007


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Jan 12, 2010

I've was looking to get a Yamaha 675 AV reciever however on ringing around some suppliers to get the best price I've been offered a Marantz SR7007 for approx £200 more.

I know this was last years flagship model but when it came it was priced around 1400.

As a general AV (music is my main priority) would you say its worth paying that extra £200 - or should I save the money and stick with a more recent product?


Oh and speakers wise it'll either be the B&W 684 or MA RX6 Silver (again any suggestions on those 2 would also be appreciated).


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Jun 11, 2013
There are a few outgoing models from a number of manufacturers at the moment which are being discounted.

The Marantz was a very good musical amplifier, so would be a good shout. There are some good Arcam deals to be had as well in your ballpark.

The Yamaha is another good amplifier from them at the £500 mark and I suspect it will be tough to beat this year, if anything can it will likely be the Sony (on reviews anyway).

I guess it just depends upon your budget, there is always something better if you have a slightly flexible budget but you have to draw the line somewhere.
May 28, 2013
Have owned the Sr7007+Ud7007 for a few months and am delighted with its all-round performance. Set it up with my existing av speakers - B&W602S3, 601 +Cr. Sounded surprisingly good with music so replaced fronts with demanding Monitor Audio Studio 20Ses (1990s vintage) from my HiFi and bi amped them - Sub is now going on ebay! The 7007 should be well matched to your B&Ws - well worth an audition. Not heard any Yamahas but preferred it to Pioneer LX76 - and I'm a big pioneer fan. Well worth an audition. 7008 adds ALAC file compatability and more welly but probably little discount for a while.


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