Would this setup work? Advice welcome


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am moving to a new home and setting up a straight forward but hopefully decent video, audio and games solution. As I do not do any of those three specific in any abundance, I’m after a good ‘all rounder’ and the best within my budget.

I have virtually decided to go with the following equipment based on using, seeing and hearing it, as well reading reviews etc. I was wandering if anyone envisages anyone potential issues, or maybe recommends going with something else. I’m no expert in AV and won’t pretend to be.

Amp: Onkyo TX-SR705
TV: Pioneer 50” PDP-LX5080D
Speakers: Monitor Audio RS6 AV
CD player: Marantz CD6002


I will be using Sky HD, SD, a PS3 for DVDs and Blu Ray and also connecting my PC which has tons of video and music. I’ll aim to use high quality cables.

The room is 14.2” by 12.1” so once the screen is wall mounted the sofa will be approximately 10” away (I appreciate viewing distance is quite important) Also I confess to having leaned towards those speakers as they will be most aesthetically pleasing in my living room!

I was wondering, if I download 1080p content onto the PC what type of connection would I need on the PC to connect it to the amp/TV to actually view the downloaded material in true 1080p quality? Also is running speaker cable under the carpet a silly idea? I see some cable which is specifically designed for that purpose but am concerned about quality, damage etc.

Many thanks for any help and advice


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