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Aug 10, 2019
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hello and thank you for reading this and hopefully being able to answer my question.

i am new to the home cinema world after years of nagging the wife to let me spend some money!!!, i have been out and bought the following:-

panasonic th42pz70 full 1080 plasma

sony bdps300 blu ray player

kef kht3005se speaker package

sony strda1200 es receiver

i am also using my faithful old sony dvd recorder in the system.

my question is probably an easy one for someone in the know, but what is the best way to hook this kit up to obtain the best quality sound and vision, bearing in mind i just blew most of budget on the kit. i am not looking for the cheapest solution nor am i looking for the most expensive.

oh and i forgot to mention sky+ is my digital tv.

many thanks


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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HDMI from BDP-S300 to TV

RGB Scart from Sky+ to TV

RGB Scart from DVD recorder to TV

5.1-channel analogue connection from BDP-S300 to STR-DA1200ES

Optical digital connection from Sky+ to STR-DA1200ES

Optical or electrical digital from DVD recorder to STR-DA1200ES

Speaker cables from STR-DA1200ES as Sony and KEF manuals - analogue connections from receiver speaker outputs to satellite speakers, analogue phono-to-phono cable from receiver's subwoofer outputs to KEF sub.

That's it...


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