will the onkyo 709 match with mordaunt aviano 5 and 6 speakers?



my first try at posting never works. what am i doing wrong?

anyway back to the subject. i have an onko 605 with b&w m1 speaker package. it was my first real theatre set up. i am now deciding to upgrade slightly.

i went to richer sounds and saw the demo set up of an onkyo 709 with mordaunt aviano 5 for centre and the 6 for sides. it was impressive. sounded way better than the set up i have. i have read some reviews and threads on here which talk of "bright" receivers and speakers. some have said this combo doesnt suit each other, but it sounded the dogs danglies to me. im no expert by the way just love movies. it was being played through cambridge 651 bd player.

so what do i do. keep the 605 and just change my centre and front b&w for the aviano or change the 605 as well to the 709.

sound advice anyone????




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