Will I blow my speakers (ms 906i + NAD silverline)?!


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Aug 10, 2019
Hey everyone, I own a pair of mordaunt short 906i speakers (rated 15-120 watts, 90db) and I have a great lead on an s200, s170, and s500.

I am wondering if this amp which is rated at 2 x 225 into 8 ohms (up to 470 into 4 ohm) will destroy the speakers? I am hoping to use the sub out to take some pressure of them. I do not plan on playing them extremely loud all of them time, but will want to crank them up for company. Is there some kind of guide to dealing with when to draw the line besides just hearing distortion? How will I know when I am being "hard" on my equipment. Thanks a ton to anyone who can offer some advice.



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Jul 29, 2010
You're less likely to blow the speakers with an overpowered amp than with an underpowered amp which clips. AFAIK there isn't any other way than listening for distortion to tell if they're being overdriven.


in my speakers at least they run into overexcursion problems far before power handing ones as i can crank them a fair way more after i remove the lowest frequencies (run a 24db/octave crossover below 50hz) so maybe look for the driver going mental and bottoming out.

If your using a crossover, at the lowest frequency you allow them to play, use a reference recorded (-0db) sine wave from realmofexcursion.com/downloads and the point at which they start to bottom out here, make a note and if you never go above that then youshould be fine.


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