Will Bi amping benefit cinema please ?


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Jul 26, 2008
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Hi RobinKidderminster I think Bi-amping Speakers in a home cinema system can be an interesting debate some say it does not make a difference some say other wise, personally Bi-amping in a HiFi System can bring improvements, but IMO in a cinema system I dont think you would really notice a night and day difference, I have Bi-wired before and could hear a slight difference, but I happen to have had enough speaker cable to try it, so consider will the extra outlay give you a significant improvement in your system. If you can try it your self if you have enough cable to do this, if not buy some standard strand cable and give a wiz If you feel there is a difference then go with it.


I agree with Pioneer, I have my R100's bi-amped and although they sound much better for music reproduction, I think the advantages in home cinema are limited (expect for movie sound tracks in HD audio with music in of course).


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Sep 11, 2010
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Agreed to the above.

However, my thoughts are....

Bi amping does make a difference in the music sense. This will also make a difference on the cinema side also, as your main left and right speakers will handle the music sound tracks (Depending on the native soundtrack of the DVD disc...)

However, I would consider NOT bi amping, and spending better money, on a higher quality single wire cable.
E.G. QED Silver Anni Bi Wire, circa £10 per m. I would spend my money on a Chord Company Rumour 2, single wire, Circa £10-14 per m. (Plus plugs, etc, etc...)

Loosing your 6th channel, I dont think you will notice this. Baring in mind that not many DVDs or Blu Rays actually have a native 6.1 surround sound track! So all your getting is a bit of information from the rear left & right speakers, to 'fill in the gap' as the 6th channel.

My thoughts are, spend better money on your rear effect speakers, rather than comprimsing, and running 6.1 or 7.1.




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Mar 15, 2011
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My take on benifits with biamping is that it greatly differs from speaker to speaker. Some brands/models definitely seem to improve and show clear improvement biamped. And the benefit could be perfectly discernible on both music and movies alike. Even if one would "only" notice nuances, those nuances might be exactly the thing that heighten the experience.


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May 27, 2009
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Thank you very much gentlemen (&ladies?) for some considered advice and opinion. I may try a test then and if I find benefit I will upgrade to a decent cable.

Many thanks all.


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