Will a subwoofer help? Tannoy TS10 Any Good?


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Aug 20, 2007
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I currently have a pair of Tannoy Fusion (Mercury) 4 floor standers. Powered by an NAD 2200 AMP and although they do offer quite good bass, it is not amazing (Although downstairs others would beg to differ). I was thinking about getting a subwoofer for around 200 pounds-and the Tannoy TS10 caught my eye...300 Watt RMS (apparently). Is it any good and is it even worth investing in a subwoofer? The other one i was looking at due to its barrage of awards from what hi fi is the WHARFEDALE DIAMOND SW150. Any suggestions will be greatly apprectiated.

Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
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Adding a subwoofer to your hi-fi system will indeed make a difference - they're not just designed for home cinema duties. The Wharfedale SW150 has long been one of our favourites, and here's why:

"Whether you want a subwoofer to reinforce the bass on your stereo hi-fi, or even as part of a surround speaker package for your home cinema, the SW150 will fit the bill perfectly. It's the sheer depth of its talent that makes the SW150 such a star performer."

The Wharfedale's a great buy, and won't disappoint.


Hello !
I have a quite similar problem, connecting one sub to two raftspeakers and an amp.
The sub is BRW10, the speakers are BR1s, and the amp is NAD 325. Well this could be a killer combination for the money, unfortunately the damn Brw10 sub only have inputs from the amp's pre-outs (LIne in RCA, Left and Right), but no outputs for the speakers, so I can't connect them too, but I 'm not able letting them connected to the amp either, because without the links between pre-outs and main in , I have no audio signal for the speakers. Surprisingly, the sub manual specifies that the only connection of the sub with the amp is by using the pre-outs and the Line Level of the sub, but fails to tell anything about what to do with the speakers. Do they assume that I only use the sub for listening ?
Another way suggested by some friends would be to directly connect the sub with the pre-outs of the audiocard (it's an ESI Maya, so I have 4 outs). But I can use for that a cable Twin RCA- Jack 6.3 mm (Maya have those big jack outs) ?

Thanx !


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