WiiM pro plus vs Bluesound Node


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Jul 17, 2023
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I'm on the verge of getting a streamer and I'm pretty sure it will be one of these two units. I know that you can basically spend however much you want on a streamer. I'm specifically interested in those users who may have direct experience with both of these units. The Node is a nice looking device but I have read some horror stories about the software. Inputs and outputs look to be almost identical with the exception of the subwoofer output on the Node, which is nice to me since my receiver does not have one. Does the Node justify the difference in price over the WiiM Pro Plus? What about the DACs. Does the Node's onboard dac sound any better? Compare and contrast please...

Juzzie Wuzzie

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I think Darko does a comparison of the two side by side which may be your best port of call.

I'm deeply entrenched in the Sonos environs, so don't have the direct experience you are after. That said, I did purchase a WiiM mini which I run through a Topping E30 II DAC and am very happy on a cost v. benefit analysis. The WiiM software seems very intuitive and easy to use.


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Aug 10, 2021
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I've actually just grabbed a pro plus for £149, it's ex dem unit from a well regarded seller that I've used before, although I probably could get by without it with my current streamer/dac units, none actually have tidal connect which is what I'm really looking for. Not sure yet if I'll use the onboard dac or pass it on to my njc audio dac. Terry Ellis on Pursuit perfect system ( YouTube) claims that with good knowledge of the parametric eq, it's possible to get this little box of tricks to playback to a very very high standard.
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