Why dont blu ray players select the best audio source automatically


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Aug 10, 2019
hi i have a sony bdp s350 coupled to a yamaha dsp ax763. i have set the bluray to straight in the audio not mix

why doesnt the player select the best audio source automatically, i will give you an example

i watched batman begins last night and towards the end of the film decided to check the audio source which read dolby digital 5-1, i pressed audio again and this time it selected dolby true hd 5.1

why doesnt it select true hd 5.1 automatically over dolby digital as the better audio source, if this is not possible why dont the disc manufactures list the audio qualities on the disc, in best to worse order then the best quality would be played automatically.

first post, first rant. any advice/info welcome


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Dec 28, 2007
I know what you mean and it's something I've now got used to when playing a BD i.e. going into Setup or Languages and ensuring I've got the best soundtrack selected before playing the film. For some reason, some discs by default choose the Dolby Digital soundtrack instead of the HD soundtrack, whilst others don't - I've no idea why though, especially on one like yours with TrueHD since, even if the player / amp can't decode this, you'd still get Dolby Digital anyway! It's not the player which is at fault by the way, but the studios producing the discs who decide which soundtrack is selected by default.
Strange, but just remember to have a look through the setup before you play and make sure you're getting the correct soundtrack. I guess in future, as more people get these systems and get familiar with the new Dolby and DTS terms, this will gradually change.