Why Airplay, Apple TV, WD My Cloud etc etc ?


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Aug 10, 2019
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What am I missing here ?[/b]

[/b]Posted this elsewhere but thought I'd ask here too.

Via Samsung's Allshare I can watch/listen to my content on my TV from my PC and Galaxy phone. Once the TV is connected optically to the amp, I'll presumably be able to hear audio through that too.

There's just the two of us. We have a phone each, and share 1 laptop, which is backed up regularly to a 500Gb LaCie drive via USB

Apple TV, Airplay, My Cloud, NAS etc etc seems all the rage.

Why do I need any/all of this other stuff ? What does it give me that I can't already do ? I feel I'm missing some unique feature here :?


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Nowt really. I stream all my music either from my phone or iCloud to an apple tv, but it sounds like you have all the basses covered. Only reason more people talk about the apple version is the monopoly they had on the mp3 market, and because of 'AirTunes' has been around since 2004 they have had a bit of a headstart.


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