Why 2023 will likely be a year of better but smaller hi-fi and audio


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Dec 23, 2022
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The golden age are you sure? I will call it the dark age of hi-fi nothing interesting under 2000 euros no real choice except streamers. No more CD players etc


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Aug 13, 2010
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"we even packed our hi-fi into smaller, more domestically friendly packages and called it ‘lifestyle’. As a result, today’s audio systems and music listening have never been so versatile. "

There has always been the issue of having boxes of electronics in the lounge and living space. Television aside only the radio seems to have universal acceptance. I see more people using a single "smart" speaker over a more traditional hi-fi system in the same room. Younger people seem content with their Bluetooth speaker or the terrible mono speaker built into their mobile phone.

Some lifestyle speakers have the looks and audio quality but few potential buyers come across them and at the price don't see the benefits when they do not realising it costs more for loads of separate electronics that take over a room.

Most of these wonderful digital streaming DSP powered and and active speakers loose the flexibility of passive and active analogue systems by have digital latency or only work with compressed audio (lossy sources, MP3 steaming and Bluetooth). They don't work with computers or video sources. Those that do can not be scaled up for multi-room or surround sound systems. Whilst giving better bass and a better sound stage (when paired over the single speaker) in a smaller box they remove other benefits. It is more a case of delivery what they "can" than what customers, some customers , want.


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