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who won the `what hifi` test winner? rotel ra10 vs marantz pm6005 vs nad d3020..

suresh babu

New member
Apr 7, 2013
hello friends,

i am looking for stereo amplifier for my q acoustics 2020i speakers... i already listened it with my friends marantz pm6004 and happy with it.. but plan to buy alternative amplifier for my setup because of we can exchange our amps for our different interests...

regarding this , i am interesting with NAD d3020 .. does this a good idea? anybody listened it and compared with marantzpm6004?

i came to know that last months `what hifi ` edition reviwed and compared above mentioned amps.. among those which one got winner?

i am unable to get my copy from our rural area(india)..

i am curious to know about who was the winner of this test winner..

thank you

suresh babu



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