Who makes really big electric projector screens with perforated top black sections or all perforated?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi What Hi-Fi and Andrew in particular! The time has come. Mum and Dad are renovating a house (I've probably bored you with this before) and we're trying to install an electric screen of about 10ft diagonal. So nice and big. Only problem being, that it needs to come down from the ceiling and the centre speaker will necessarily be behind the screen set into the wall. We asked a local dealer and they hummed and hahhh'd and said ooooooh it's a very very big screen. (Have none of these people ever been to the cinema or something???!!!) and they would have to order it from the States and it would cost about £5000 or was it £8000. Either way I've never heard of a sheet of material on an electric roller costing the same as a small car. that's insane. I don't want a screen capable to re-entry from outerspace, just something to shine a projector onto! Any suggestions? I'm really hoping we can get something for under £1500, how can it possibly cost more. The only big that needs to be perforated is the top section of black material, if we have any, or the whole screen itself if this technique really works. Do you guys have any experience of this sort of thing? Also in terms of speakers, I want something really nice and was thinking of Dali Helicon IN-WALLS. As I've got the Dali Ikon 6 5.1 set-up and love it, I imagine the Helicons are better but you can never hear them anywhere, so it's always a case of buying on faith. Highly irritating as no-one like you seems to test in wall speakers. I'd really appreciate your advice, as we're getting to the point in the build where we'll need these items to be available. Thanks Andrew! Will


Anyone know the cheapest place to buy Stewart screens from?


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